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Computer Vision

Most of our Healthcare projects relate to medical imagery (X-rays, CT-scans and MRI) and use Computer Vision models to detect points of interest in medical images (e.g., tumors in lung CT-scans) or NLP models to understand written text (e.g., radiological reports). Ingedata will typically scope Client’s project with a physician from our Center of Expertise in the Philippines, then set up a team of Health professionals to annotate the medical data.

All processing is done in compliance with GDPR requirements, which is important for such sensitive data.

The mission

Carestream Dental develops various Health applications models. They wanted to outsource the labelling of their panoramic X-ray datasets.

The outcome

Combining field and annotation expertise:

  • Team of dentists dedicated to annotating panoramic X-rays images
  • Odontology knowledge requirement for 11 pathologies diagnosis
  • Annotation expertise for guaranteed dataset quality
  • PascalVOC training
  • Marginal cases managed with subjective diagnosis

"An estimated 7 percent of Google’s daily searches are health-related, 70,000 each minute. ”In this case we are organizing the world’s health information and making it accessible to everyone.”

Google Health Vice President David Feinberg

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