The strongest link in your ML Ops

We are convinced that optimizing their data assets is the key to success for companies. Our teams participate daily in the enrichment of thousands of data. Their mission is to make our clients’ data more relevant and help them evolve.


We envision a world where everyone can connect to work digitally and earn a decent living. We provide training and certifications that help our employees identify, quantify, and manage the risks or opportunities associated with AI. We also actively support the initiatives of our employees for their families and communities, to do more on environmental, social or ecological concerns.


Quality of annotations is paramount and the first step to a successful enrichment project. Annotating candidate data is a challenging process that always involves human decision. We know how to effectively design annotation guidelines that significantly improve quality of annotations.

Security and data privacy

We take data privacy and security seriously and made them central to our data collection, processing, storage, and delivery processes. We leverage the latest encryption technologies to protect client data in transit, at rest, and in use by our clients. Our teams apply procedures rigorously to protect confidentiality, security, and ownership of data and to comply with regulations.


Our annotation workforce is built to fit the complexity and scale of your AI projects, from image and video to text and audio. When contracting to increase throughput and volume, you can tap into our world-class team of data annotators when you need it most. With a scalable workforce and vast expertise in your field, we will help you achieve your digital transformation goals.


For 15 years, Ingedata has been reinventing outsourced data preparation and supporting you in all your transformations. We are committed to being the best and it starts with finding the best talents. We have built a team of extraordinary people from every part of the world. We challenge ourselves to get better and more efficient every day. We are committed to personal and professional growth and believe that happy individuals make the best employees.

GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) imposes detailed obligations regarding personal data collection, retention, and management which apply both to EU businesses that process personal data of EU individuals (including personal IP addresses or cookie identifiers) and to businesses outside the EU that target EU individuals. GDPR compliance is compulsory.

Why trust us?

With more than 100 projects, our know-how in production management and guaranteed quality is based on methodologies tested in the most demanding industries.


At Ingedata, your projects are designed and carried out in-house, from our secure production centers.

Control the confidentiality of your data by knowing where and to whom you are sending your data at all times.

Dedicated teams

Ingedata's annotators have degrees ranging from bachelor's to engineer’s or doctorate in your field.

All our teams work from our production centers and will adapt data preparation to your requirements.

Specific datasets

We collect, enrich, and categorize your data and we manage marginal cases to build you own datasets.

Accelerate the optimization of your algorithm by using data prepared specifically for you.

Autonomous management

Rely on a dedicated Ingedata team.
We have the know-how to take over coordination and adapt our team to your specific constraints.