Ingedata’s partner program is designed to enable every organization to transform their business and services with innovative, next-generation data annotation solutions. We believe in a culture of simplicity and partnership intelligence.

We actively develop an ecosystem of trusted partners who are equipped with the solutions and resources to build, market, and sell their offerings through joint sales and marketing activities, as well as technical support and product training.

Join one of the industry’s most valued partner programs. Our products and services are designed to meet all your current and future needs. From prototyping and mentoring to project launch, Ingedata will make sure you can take advantage of every opportunity.

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"An estimated 7 percent of Google’s daily searches are health-related, 70,000 each minute. ”In this case we are organizing the world’s health information and making it accessible to everyone.”

Google Health Vice President David Feinberg

The path to success

Why trust us?

With more than 100 projects in the field of ML model training, we are recognized for our remarkable know-how in production management and our guarantee of quality.

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Externalizing your data can represent a significant risk in terms of loss, deterioration, or theft. At Ingedata, your projects are designed and carried out in-house, from our secure production centers.

Dedicated teams

Ingedata's annotators have degrees ranging from bachelor's to engineer's or doctorate in your field. All our teams work from our production centers and are trained in the specific requirements of preparing data for machine learning.

Specific Datasets

Accelerate the optimization of your algorithm by using data prepared specifically for you. We collect, enrich, and categorize your data to build your own datasets.

Autonomous management

We fit seamlessly into your current production mode, take over any coordination and adapt our team to your specific constraints in terms of data volume and quality.