Ingedata's delivery model is based on agile practices

Our agile and objective methodology is focused on customer satisfaction and their loyalty is our reward. Over the years, we have developed a simple and efficient workflow that addresses the specific needs of ML training based on their type, sector, and process.


Data annotation relies above all on the human qualities of analysis, observation, intelligence, and vigilance. Our employees are all university graduates, they are co-opted before joining and will be trained throughout their career. Our average team member is 26 years old with a 3 years’ experience.


We interface seamlessly with your internal teams, working at the same pace, at the same time, and in your language. No double management or two-speed projects. Your team is one.


We adapt to your internal processes and offer solutions to slowdowns or new issues. Our more than 100 projects in the field of AI give us an extensive experience that will help you with improving your processes performance and maintaining the quality level you target.


With more than 500 experienced employees and a Google Cloud infrastructure, we can build a custom team for you in the shortest possible time.

Project run

Once the prototyping phases to perfectly calibrate your needs have been completed and the project kicked off, we will be able to process all data flows, regardless of their volume or complexity, in a perfectly secure environment.


We have a recognized team of experts, engineers, doctors, radiologists. The choice we made to internalize such high value-added resources allows us to offer a more homogeneous and sustainable expertise on projects that are difficult to outsource.

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