Why choose? We combine the best of platforms and human resources

Ingedata’s mission is to set up production teams with the right mix of skills and expertise, use state of the art, production processes technology platforms and tools to deliver quality data annotations flow at quality at the best price.

Ensures transparency

We propose a simple and transparent pricing approach, no vague fixed price, you know the number of people in your team, the number of hours worked. In case different skills are necessary for the same project, different daily rates apply (e.g. different daily rate for annotator and quality controller)

Up-front pricing

A clear and detailed monthly report informs you of the progress of the tasks and the time spent. In order to secure the deliveries, Ingedata commit to Quality and Productivity KPIs

Fits all

The teams are dedicated and trained to meet your requirements in terms of deliverables. Based on Daily rates that are agreed between Ingedata and the Client, depending on the level of specialization of annotators


Our resources are numerous with more than 500 people spread between Madagascar, Thailand and the Philippines and offers a wide range of skills from annotators to health specialists such as doctors, radiologists or cardiologists.

Easy entry

Each project starts with the setting up of a prototype to evaluate together your exact needs, to check our capacities to answer them in order to determine the nature of the team and the expected level of quality.

This is where the magic happens

To foresee is to act

Ingedata has developed a project management solution that interfaces with best-of-breed solutions that allows you to annotate your data, track progress and prioritize based on your results.

Come and meet our great team

At Ingedata, we offer a range of data annotation services, from bachelor’s degree to engineer or doctorate level in your field. All our data annotators work from our production centers and are trained in the specific requirements of data preparation for machine learning projects.

Our Know-how

Our know-how in production management and quality assurance on proven methodologies from the most demanding industries.

  • Analysis of the client’s processes
  • Scope of work
  • Definition of KPIs
  • Planning
  • Project quotation
  • Writing of project documentation
  • Deployment of technical solutions
  • Team assignment
  • Change management
  • Validation of the production process
  • Validation of data exchange protocole
  • Project delivery
  • Monitoring of KPIs
  • Optimization of the production process and associated tools
  • Reporting and project management