Animation Studio


Modeling and Rigging

We excel in creating props for any animation scene, whether humanoid or non-humanoid models. Our expertise lies in providing solutions tailored to post-production animation needs, be it for realistic, organic, mechanical, or 2D characters.


We master concepts such as posing for blocking, timing for in-betweens, and splines for smooth transitions, as well as charisma for character personality. We strive to create visually captivating scenes by integrating relevant artistic proposals with your scripts. We are committed to a continuous process of learning and improvement to fully master the 12 fundamental principles of animation.

With a passionate team and a rapid production capacity, our company is always ready to tackle the challenges of the visual animation world. We have a team of about fifteen in production and continuously train numerous learners to flexibly meet your needs.

We are currently producing short films, which will be broadcast in June 2024 on TV5 and TV5 Monde (13 episodes of 5 minutes each), as we are executive producers for Selene Lotus Production. We had the honor of having one of our characters selected for the 2024 Cannes Film Festival in the animated short film category.

Finally, we are experts in digital production management thanks to our activities in numerous verticals for almost 20 years. With over 500 collaborators across multiple geographical locations, our dedicated teams bring expertise and know-how to support our partners: we manage all human and administrative aspects and assist you in all stages of your productions.