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Computer Vision
"Ingedata has been a great, effective partner and I’m glad we decided to work with them. I collaborate with Ingedata on the protocol, they form and train a team of doctors to achieve qualitative and high-volume datasets. We used to do all of our annotations in-house, and this just wasn't scalable; Ingedata makes the process much easier. I submit the MRIs to annotate and launch the project."
Sam Seymour, Product Success @Arterys

Most of our Healthcare projects relate to medical imagery (X-rays, CT-scans and MRI) and use Computer Vision models to detect points of interest in medical images (e.g., tumors in lung CT-scans) or NLP models to understand written text (e.g., radiological reports). Ingedata will typically scope Client’s project with a radiologist from our Center of Expertise in the Philippines, then set up a team of radiologists to annotate the medical data. All processing is done in compliance with GDPR requirements, which is important for such sensitive data.

The mission

Ingedata and Arterys worked closely together to identify the actions to be done and the corresponding skills required. This started with a medically approved task division phase, in order to split this complex problem intro simple and easier tasks.

The outcome

Once the task division phase was complete, Ingedata assigned a team of physicians to segment and annotate the relevant images, which were then reviewed by specialized radiologists, as required for purposes of FDA approval.

"An estimated 7 percent of Google’s daily searches are health-related, 70,000 each minute. ”In this case we are organizing the world’s health information and making it accessible to everyone.”

Google Health Vice President David Feinberg

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