Our vision

Our vision at Ingedata is to become a leading provider of tomorrow’s outsourcing solutions. We aim to achieve this by harnessing the development of skills and knowledge among our employees to maximize their potential for our partners. We strive to provide added value through the excellence of our services while ensuring strong development for our employees.

Our values

At Ingedata, we uphold a set of core values that guide our actions and decisions:

Employee Development: We prioritize the training and sustainable development of our employees, empowering them with the latest technologies and fostering flexibility and high competency. We believe that investing in our employees’ growth enables us to successfully manage challenges and exceed expectations.

Excellence and Partnership: We have implemented quality and performance processes to ensure excellence in project management. Our employees work within a solid framework that enables them to deliver exceptional results, leading to lasting partnerships built on dedication, passion, and a commitment to information and cyber security.

Respect and Integrity: We base our principles on respect and the human development of our employees. We strive for integrity and social harmony in all our interactions. We trust in our employees and emphasize corporate social responsibility as part of our commitment to ethical practices.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to our partners. Whether it’s consulting, specific skills, technology, or profound market knowledge, we offer the necessary resources to make informed decisions and capture strategic opportunities. We aim to build common opportunities and trust, recognizing that this is the only sustainable way to become a key partner in our clients’ development and success.

Our approach

At Ingedata, we differentiate ourselves through our unique customer-employee centric approach. We view our partners as long-term collaborators rather than just clients. We focus on creating motivating jobs rather than simply assigning work to people. Our solutions are customized to meet specific needs efficiently, rather than solely pursuing profit.

Over the years, our approach has proven successful, and we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the industry. We believe in a triple win and triple mutual benefits philosophy, where all stakeholders—clients, employees, and the company—thrive together. By constantly rethinking our market and embracing innovation, we continue to provide exceptional services and foster sustainable partnerships.

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