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Rhymes is, Ingedata's production management platform

Ingedata developed Rhymes : its own web-based application for production

Our developers, solution architects and UX designer continuously work on perfecting these tools, with new features and improvements.

A solid infrastructure and a secure platform allow us to comply with data management regulations

Rhymes : Innovation for performance

Since each project is specific and our know-how is unique, Ingedata developed its own production management application.

• Project-specific customization of the workflows.
• Live monitoring of production
• KPI Monitoring
• API interface with our customers’ systems.
• Individual management of training.

We rely on Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine technologies to ensure the agility and scalability of our solutions.

Rhymes has been designed to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients’ data. A team is dedicated to ensureing its security at all times.

Case study by Google Cloud Platform

In order to offer the best services to our Clients, Ingedata’s ITinfrastructure is based on Google Cloud Platform technologies. Find out more about Rhymes and our use of GCP

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