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Our expertise

The synergy qualified teams, reliable production processes and customized tools.

Why trust us ?


Datasets specific to your needs

Accelerate the optimization of your algorithm using data prepared just for you.

We collect, enrich and categorize your data to build you own datasets.

Domain-specific teams

Ensure the quality of your datasets by getting them processed by qualified teams.

Ingedata’s annotators, range from bachelor level to engineer or doctor in your domain. All our teams work from our production centres and are trained the specific requirements of data preparation for machine learning.

Project confidentiality

Your competitive edge by always knowing where and to whom you send your data

At Ingedata, your projects are designed and produced in-house, from our secured production centres.

The peace of mind of autonomous project management

Rely on a dedicated Ingedata team. Our Know-how relieves you from coordination efforts and ensures team flexibility to adapt to your specific constraints

The path to success

Our know-how in production management and quality assurance on proven methodologies from the most demanding industries.


  • Analysis of the client’s processes
  • Scope of work
  • Definition of KPIs
  • Planning
  • Project quotation


  • Writing of project documentation
  • Deployment of technical solutions
  • Team assignment
  • Training
  • Change management


  • Validation of the production process
  • Validation of data exchange protocole


  • Project delivery
  • Monitoring of KPIs
  • Optimization of the production process and associated tools
  • Reporting and project management

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